Intelligent Marketing Perspective

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED January 14, 2016 · UPDATED March 05, 2020

Here is a closer look at how a company employs marketing perspective to make their marketing campaigns memorable. In the United States there is a particularly memorable television commercial series created by the marketing department at State Farm Insurance. This series tracks the mishaps of individuals at the most vulnerable moments of their lives. Specifically in the immediate aftermath of an accident. This is obviously a time of extreme stress, worry, and fear. State Farm seeks to demonstrate that their team of dedicated experts is always instantly available for help during this time. They show this through the humorous depiction of the victim singing the State Farm jingle (“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”). Instantly, like a genie, the State Farm agent is present in the middle of the disaster. With a smile and a confident air they immediately reassure the person, “Don’t worry, you’re covered.”

The Original

Since videos are easy to understand, here’s an example:

This campaign has gone on for a while. Many are aware of State Farm, the genie effect, and the simple jingle that summons their agent. Then State Farm turned the tables on their marketing strategy and in a 180 degree turn they released a different commercial.

The Twist

With no warning, very little giveaways, and a surprise twist State Farm released the following commercial.

Clearly the marketing company behind this campaign knows what they are doing. In a light-hearted 30 seconds they give people an inside look into the other side of things. They imply the familiar jingle, the calamitous events, the subtle confidence. Rather than beating the audience over the head with the same marketing material they use humor and a new perspective to subtly bring their message to their audience.

The Importance of Marketing Perspective

This marketing is a clear example of the importance of perspective and how to effectively market without shouting at the audience. When building a marketing campaign or planning an intelligent marketing perspective there is an important point to consider. Don’t be obnoxious. Don’t be so direct there is nothing left to imagine. Use a subtle approach to your marketing when necessary. And secondly, don’t forget the audience. Marketing perspective is more than the business shouting their message. Marketing perspective is listening and reacting. Marketing is giving an inside peek into a much deeper part of the business.

Great marketing goes into the soul of a business to share a deeper purpose, the reason why a business exists. Great marketing gives a better, richer perspective. Humor is only one way to do this. State Farm chose to take a humorous approach to a very real, personal, and inside look into the lives of their agents.

The Relationships

There are two excellent points to take away from this. First, State Farm demonstrates the dedication of their agents to their clients. Second, State Farm does a masterful job providing an inside look, different perspective into the lives of their agents with a surprising revelation: Hey, they’re people too! These agents are willing to drop whatever they are doing in their personal lives to help someone else. This is masterful because in one simple commercial State Farm connects with their audience, demonstrates their dedication, their humanity, and the importance they place on relationships. And honestly, isn’t that what good marketing is all about?