Mautic Open Startup Report #3 - June 2023

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED July 06, 2023 · UPDATED July 23, 2023

Key points

  • Financial contributions from Acquia have started to arrive
  • Delays ongoing in funds arriving from GitHub Sponsors
  • Spike in contributions thanks to Mautic Conference Global and the work done on the Mautic 5.0 alpha release
  • Sharp rise in sites with Mautic tracking detected due to a mass roll-out by a domain name provider

Hello folks, and apologies for the delay in getting this report out - we had some glitches with our community CRM which were blocking being able to run our end of month reports.


This month has seen the first two months' instalment from Acquia arriving (some administrative issues resulted in a slight delay) so there is a large increase in income as a result.

We have had some further expenses for formally signing over the trademark contact point from Acquia's legal team to our legal advisor, and also for reviewing our trademark management process so that it is updated with the new arrangements.

We still have not incurred expenses from employing Ruth through Open Source Collective so these are now expected to land in Q3.


The first two instalments of financial support from Acquia arrived this month which is represented by a large increase in income.

There was no transfer from GitHub Sponsors this month (sometimes there can be a delay in it reaching Open Collective and getting assigned to the right account), so this is going to be represented in next month's income most likely.

Description Amount ($)
Income from Open Collective 21,330


Description Amount ($)
Legal services -423.5
Host Fees to Open Source Collective -2,139
Erroneous transaction to be refunded -52.5
Infrastructure -293.97
Travel & Expenses -103.92
Social ads (Mautic Conference Global) -205.54
Total -3,218.43

We had some more legal expenses this month which should conclude all the trademark sign over process.

There was an erroneous transaction processed this month against a virtual card that we used to manage our domain purchases - that is going to be refunded to our account and is represented here for completeness.

We still have not had any employment expenses land in our Open Collective so we are awaiting this to start soon.


We continue to see a strong trend in contributions to Mautic across the channels that we are tracking.

In June we saw a large increase due to speakers at Mautic Conference Global which may have artificially inflated the 'regular' numbers - so this is going to be something to be aware of when we interpret the information going forward when there are large events - it could easily hide a dip in other contributions.

Chart showing contributions over time
All contributions over time excluding bots. Source: Savannah CRM

We also now have a new chart which is tracking all companies with over 10 contributions. Do check out the Open Startup Reporting spreadsheet to dive into the data!

Chart showing contributions by organization
All time contributions by organization. Source: Savannah CRM

The data below comes from our Community CRM which we use to do our monthly shout-out on Slack and the Forums, the information is reproduced here.

Contributions are as defined here with the addition of Jira issues being closed as completed, GitHub Pull Request reviews and Knowledgebase articles being written or translated, which we track through Savannah’s API.

You can always take a look at the data for the last 90 days via this link, and you can now view this month’s report here.


These organisations are making Mautic and helping to grow our community.

⬆️= Increase from last month
⬇️ = Decrease from last month

Most active companies:

Acquia 360 (⬆️ 63.64%)
Dropsolid 232 (⬆️346.15%)
Steer Campaign 156 (⬇️ 25%)
Friendly 151 (⬇️ 23.35%)
Webmecanik 116 (⬆️ 63.38%)
twentyZen 89 (⬆️55.56%)
Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 81 (⬇️ 33.33%)
Moorwald | Sven Döring 52
Marblear 34

Top contributing companies:

Acquia 86 (⬇️ 7.53%)
Steer Campaign 45 (⬇️ 19.64%)
Dropsolid 29 (⬆️ 480%)
Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 20 (⬆️ 60%)
Webmecanik 14 (⬆️ 7.69%)
Aivie 13 ( 85.71%)
Bluespace 9
Friendly 5 (⬇️ 58.33%)
Codefive 4 (⬇️ 69.23%)
TwentyZen 3


A big thank you also to all the individuals who are helping us build this awesome community!

Most active members:

Jan Linhart 265
Mattias Michaux 216
Mohammed Abu Musa 156
Joey Keller 150
Dirk Spannaus 84
Norman Pracht 62
Sven Döring 52
Zdeno Kuzmany 49
Miroslav Fedeleš 42
Tom 34

Top contributors:

Jan Linhart 66
Mohammed Abu Musa 45
Mattias Michaux 21
Volha Pivavarchyk 13
Zdeno Kuzmany 13
Oluwatobi Owolabi 9
Madlen Friedrich 8
Rahul Shinde 8
Miroslav Fedeleš 8
Joey Keller 5

Welcome to our new contributors this month 💖

Most of these are speakers from Mautic Conference Global 2023!

Vladimir Mladenov
Tim Schmidt
Santiago Fernández Sapelli
Sebastian Selch
Milou de Hoon
Mariah Wahab
Leonhard Rottmeir
Jasper Debaere
Jaedyn Guthrie
Jack Wrigley
Eddie Christian Aguilar Kleimann
Dylan Caestecker
Anita Ihuman
Dmitry Kudrenko
Els Knevels
Dominique De Cooman
Nidhi Bhardwaj
Abdul Wahab
Surabhi Gokte
Nevena Rogar

Top supporters:

Joey Keller 3
diegoom 2
Michael Wolman 2
team 2
Mohammed Abu Musa 1
Matic Zagmeister 1
dross 1
Rafael Platero 1
Daniel Lord 1
Mattias Michaux 1

Supporters are folks who have had conversations with people directly before they make a contribution, so most likely helping with that process.

This month we had 27 new contributors 🚀 (⬆️ 145.45%) and 104 new members joining the community ! (⬆️ 46.48%).

Usage of Mautic

We have seen a fairly steady rate of tracked downloads from this month.

Screenshot of mautic downloads over time
Downloads of Mautic over time from Source: Mautic

According to the data from, there are currently 34,293 live websites which have Mautic tracking enabled worldwide, a strong growth from last month.

This is largely down to a domain management company deploying Mautic tracking to every domain they have available, and also a company deploying a large number of similar website domains with Mautic tracking enabled.

Screenshot of all active instances
All active websites detected with Mautic tracking enabled. Source:

It may be sensible for us to determine a more accurate way to detect active instances of Mautic in the future.

Community health

We have seen a slight rise in activity this month thanks in large part to the work on Mautic Conference Global and Mautic 5.0 - we will continue to monitor this over time.

Screenshot of activity
All member activity over time. Source: Savannah CRM


Financially things are a bit more stable this month, but we have some expenses that we are expecting which will account for a substantial amount of our balance. There continue to be disruptions with funding being transferred from GitHub Sponsors - it may be worth considering whether to continue with this funding channel as a result of this and the additional fees that they are now charging to businesses.

Contributions to Mautic have been on the rise, with a spike in contributions attributed to the Mautic Conference Global and the release of Mautic 5.0 alpha. There has also been an increase in sites with Mautic tracking detected, mainly due to a mass roll-out by a domain name provider. Overall, the community is experiencing growth and increased activity.