Mautic announces Summer of Code projects for 2024

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED April 30, 2024 · UPDATED May 01, 2024

We are delighted to announce our selected Summer of Code projects for 2024 after reviewing a strong field of candidates who submitted proposals last month. As this is our first year participating, we were limited to selecting a maximum of two projects with only one being guaranteed, so we’re delighted with the news that both our chosen projects were selected to be funded. We can't wait to get started!

Here are the projects that will be worked on over the next four months - each project has two mentors who are focused on the development side of the project, and one mentor who is focused on the marketer aspect - ensuring that we are considering the needs of both the developers and the users of Mautic and encouraging our students to do the same.

Project 1: End to End Test Suite

Anyone who has contributed to the Product Team will know how heavily we rely on users manually testing bug fixes and new features.

While we have growing coverage at the unit test level, we don’t have any tests that emulate what a user would do in Mautic. This results in us missing bugs which might arise when something in Mautic is broken by a change we make and which isn’t detected by our automated tests.

Priyanshi Gaur is spending her summer vacation working on developing an End to End Test Suite for Mautic covering several bundles. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Priyanshi to the community and are looking forward to mentoring her project.

The mentors for this project are:

  • John Linhart (Developer-focused mentor)
  • Mohit Aghera (Developer-focused mentor)
  • Ruth Cheesley (Marketer-focused mentor)

Project 2: Improvements to the Mautic Marketplace

The beta of the Mautic Marketplace has been released for some time, however it has a lot of work needing to be done before it can take its rightful place as the primary way to install Mautic plugins and themes.

Ketu Patel will be spending his summer vacation working on implementing some additional features such as being able to review and rate extensions, adding filterable search facilities and improving the user experience.

The mentors for this project are:

  • Rahul Shinde (Developer-focused mentor)
  • John Linhart (Developer-focused mentor)
  • Simran Sethi (Marketer-focused mentor)

Next steps

The Summer of Code has clearly defined timelines:

May 1 - 26 - Community Bonding Period

During this time, our new contributors will be getting to know mentors and the community, reading documentation, getting up to speed and getting ready to begin working on their projects.

May 27 Coding officially begins!

From 27th May, our new contributors will begin working on their projects. Weekly updates will be written on the Community Portal which will include an update on their progress and their plans for the coming week/s.

August 19 - 26 - Final week

By mid-August, our GSoC students will submit their final work and their mentors will prepare their final evaluation.

It’s expected that the final batch of their work will be included in the next available release following this date.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming our new contributors and hope that you will all make them feel welcomed to our wonderful community!