Mautic adopts Open Startup model

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED May 02, 2023 · UPDATED May 02, 2023

Mautic has always been open and transparent by default - it’s one of the core values that I’ve insisted on since I stepped into the role of Community Manager back in 2019.

Today, we’re taking that commitment a step further by following the example of Mautic Community Partners Friendly, by adopting the Open Startup model.

What this means is that we are explicitly deciding to openly share our metrics from across our community including revenue, community growth, contributor history and website traffic in regular monthly reports.

You can already find this information if you know where to look, but going forward we’re going to be publishing this in a clear, transparent monthly report which will pull from a regularly updated Google Spreadsheet

In the future we might look at creating a dashboard which automates more of this process (if you’d like to help with that, please drop me a message on Slack) but for the time being, this will be our starting point.

Read our first report here.