Mautic 3.1: New Beginnings

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED August 24, 2020 · UPDATED August 24, 2020

The Mautic Community have today released Mautic 3.1, the first feature-based update for Mautic 3.

This release includes several features that have been contributed by individuals in the community and many that have been contributed by companies such as AcquiaWebmecanikPepipostCTMobi and Monogramm. The release was led by Dennis Ameling.

We thank every single contributor and organization that have been involved for their help and support with getting the release to this point.

New features

There are five new features in this release, an overview is provided below:

For end-users

Add support for Amazon SES API

This feature adds support for sending emails using the Amazon SES API (rather than SMTP which is currently supported) - PR 9005.

This is a much-requested feature, which enables sending emails in much larger volumes and much faster via the SES API than using the SMTP method that is currently available in Mautic.

Work started on this feature back in 2017, submitted by @renjith341 and subsequently was picked up by @chocopowwwa, @idealaunchtech, and was finally brought over the finish line by @Wise-Gorilla and @mabumusa1. A huge thank you to everybody who has contributed to this over the years. We are extremely grateful!

Add a company overview

This feature adds a company overview - PR 8936 - which is a huge bonus for organizations who use account-based marketing .

A screenshot of the company overview screen in Mautic 3.1
The company overview screen in Mautic 3.1

You can see at a glance all the contacts associated with a company, when they were last active, what stage they are at and how many points they have. You can also get a company-wide overview of engagement and points over time, and make bulk-changes to the contacts that are listed. Read more in the documentation .

This feature was submitted by Alfredo Arena from CTMobi.

Add the Pepipost SMTP service

This adds a new SMTP service to be used with Mautic - PR 7480 - including handling the status of the lead through webhook feedback from Pepipost.

This feature was submitted by Alan Mosko from Pepipost.

For developers

Add reply API endpoint

This adds a new API endpoint - PR 7718 - which allows you to create a record that a specific row in the email stats table received a reply using a tracking hash. It will also mark an email send stat as read if not already marked as such.

This feature was submitted by John Linhart from Acquia.

Add the Psysh Bundle for Symfony

This adds the Psysh Bundle for Symfony to the require-dev block in Composer - PR 6667.

It allows developers access to $container, $kernel, and $self (which is the Psy\Shell instance itself) from the command line.

This means that developers can test using their services from the container, as well as improving general debugging capabilities.

This feature was submitted by Don Gilbert from Acquia.


There are 29 enhancements included in the 3.1 release - improvements to something that already exists in Mautic. While we haven’t got space to mention them all, here are five that might be of interest to end-users and five for developers. Take a look at the release notes for the full list.

For end-users

  • Owner field tokens - improves the performance when using tokens to show information about the contact owner, introduces the signature and position fields, and fixes a bug that occurred when using these tokens in the ‘send custom email’ feature from a contact’s profile. This was started by @isleshocky77 and completed by Zdeno Kuzmany from Webmecanik

  • Automatically add the plain text version to an email if not already set - will auto-populate the plain text version of emails if you do not provide one during creation. This was submitted by Lukas Sykora from Acquia.

  • New blank theme - improves the default blank theme by using more modern fonts and ensuring that it is fully responsive, a great starting point for your emails. This was submitted by Alan Mosko.

  • Date added to company available in reports - allows you to run reports on companies to see when contacts were associated with the company. This was submitted by Zdeno Kuzmany from Webmecanik.

  • Notify the Mautic user if a campaign has unpublished emails - allows you to get a warning if you have published campaigns which have unpublished emails in the workflow. This was submitted by Lukáš Drahý from Acquia.

For developers

  • Install command and service - provides the ability to automate the install of Mautic from the command line. This was submitted by Mathieu Brunot from Monogramm.

  • Allow the sorting of form results via API - allows you to sort the results returned by the API using the column of a joined table - for example sort by submitted date uses `s.date_submitted`. This was submitted by Zdeno Kuzmany from Webmecanik.

  • Webhook fail notification by e-mail - allows a Mautic user to be notified by email if a webhook they have configured is failing beyond a specified threshold. This was submitted by Lukáš Drahý from Acquia.

  • New webhooks: Contact Company Subscription Change , Company Create/Update Event - introduces new webhooks that relate to changes in companies. These were submitted by Zdeno Kuzmany from Webmecanik.

  • Make manipulator available - makes the information stored in the LeadManipulator object available so that plugins can access it. This was submitted by John Linhart from Acquia.

Bug fixes

There are 12 bug fixes included in the 3.1 release:

Want to see more features and bug fixes?

There were many more features that we had wanted to include in this release, but unfortunately we did not have enough people helping to test them to allow us to include them in this release.

If you would like to see more features and bug fixes making their way into Mautic, now is the time to step up and help us with this ongoing task.

You don’t need to be technical (although if you are, we have plenty to keep you busy!), or even to have your own test instance. Anybody who uses Mautic can help, and even one hour of your time could mean the difference between a feature or bug fix making it into the next release or not.

Please join #mautic-3 on Slack and consider making some time to help give back to Mautic.

We now have a regular monthly Friday/Saturday sprint the weekend before we ship the Release Candidate where we work together on any remaining tasks to close the milestone - the next dates are provided below and can be found on the Mautic Community Calendar .



Sprint: 18-19 September 2020

Release Candidate: 21 September 2020

General Availability: 28th September 2020

Release Lead: Mohammed Abu Musa (@Abu Musa on Slack, @mabumusa1 on Github)

Release Deputy: Dennis Ameling (@DennisAmeling)



Sprint: 16-17 October 2020

Release Candidate: 19th October 2020

General Availability: 26th October 2020

Release Lead: Norman Pracht (@npracht)

Release Deputy: Dennis Ameling (@DennisAmeling)