Introducing Dropsolid as the Inaugural Provider for the Official Mautic Trials

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED November 29, 2023 · UPDATED November 29, 2023

We are excited to announce a significant first for Mautic - the introduction of the official Mautic trials, and with it, the selection of Dropsolid as the inaugural service provider for a term of three years. This selection comes after a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, where multiple high-caliber service providers showcased their qualifications and visions for developing this service.

This project represents a fresh chapter in Mautic's history, providing an on-demand, user-oriented trial environment of the open source product. Here, potential Mautic users can explore the comprehensive benefits and capabilities of our platform before making any big investment, and without the need for installing Mautic themselves.

Selecting a provider

Among the participants in the RFP process, Dropsolid rose to prominence. Their combination of profound understanding of Mautic and the wider open source world; existing infrastructure offering the majority of the tooling required; strong technical expertise; and a vision that aligns seamlessly with ours made them the highest ranked choice. Furthermore, Dropsolid has been on a rapid growth trajectory the past couple of years and - with the recent opening of their US office - is expanding across the globe as well.

Dropsolid comes with a respectable reputation in the digital experience realm. Their commitment to excellence and track record for delivering personalized, effective digital customer experiences are evidence of their suitability to spearhead our first official trials.

Giving back to Mautic

The launch of this service also brings us an exciting revenue sharing model. Users electing to shift to a paid subscription following their trial will result in a 40% revenue share cycling back to support the Mautic project. This is a considerable step toward ensuring the project’s long-term sustainability, while also benefiting the users.

We enthusiastically enter this partnership with Dropsolid, certain that this alliance will offer unparalleled trial experiences for our prospective users. Together, we remain focused on our commitment to advancing Mautic as the leading solution in the realm of open source marketing automation.

Thank you to all participants!

Our thanks go out to all the participating agencies who took part in the request for proposals. Your efforts in putting together innovative and dedicated proposals are truly appreciated.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming launch of this first-of-a-kind trial experience, powered by Dropsolid. An opportunity to explore, experience, and support the growth of the Mautic platform like never before!