Everything you need to know about the Mautic Community Sprint (Online) - 6 & 7 April 2020

On Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th April, the Mautic Community teams (Community, Education, Marketing and Product) will be holding a “virtual” sprint. This gives people around the world the opportunity to get involved, and we're excited to have many sign-ups already.

The point of this event is to make good progress in the teams, to increase cross-team action, and most of all: To provide a most convenient entry point for new volunteers.

So if you have considered helping Mautic, this is the perfect opportunity to get started - if you are a developer or not, and even if you are not sure what your prefered area of contribution might be.

Even great English is not required - if you can read and write just a bit, that’s completely fine.

How a 'virtual' sprint works

We are spread around the world and in many time zones, but we want to have a close-together experience as well as an efficient working environment. Therefore we use a combination of tools, see below.

Also, we have a few joint events (like Opening / Onboarding / Coffee Breaks - timeline see below), which will allow you to have a good overview and orientation, get to meet other contributors from around the world, and maybe to pick the right team if you are unsure where your skills can best be used. It also provides an opportunity for the teams to coordinate cross-team projects.

Everything else will happen within the teams, with contributors working on each task or subtask individually or in small groups, and with communication as fits.

Many of the tasks have been prepared by the teams, others may be added on the fly during the sprint. For each task, someone will be able to help understand what needs to be done, and to assist if needed. And surely there are tasks that suit your personal skills and interests!

Sign up to indicate your attendance

The first thing to do is to sign up on Eventbrite if you're planning to join us. You don't need to be attending the whole time - if you're only able to spare a few hours that is also super valuable!  Please register using the link below. Attending is of course free.

Sign up to join the sprint

Provide your availability

We have set up a simple way for you to let us know roughly when you are expecting to join us. This helps us to plan our timeline more effectively, so we really appreciate it if you could indicate your availability in our Doodle Poll.

Provide your availability

Sprint Timeline

Below you will find a timeline of the events happening during the sprint.

All the information you might need in the sprint can be found from the Sprint Dashboard, a public Google Doc.

Access the Sprint Dashboard

The hashtag for the event is #mauticsprint - please use it in any social media activity you might share!

Tools: Get prepared!

These are the basic things we use in the Mautic Community:

  • Chat: Slack. We are using the regular team channels (#t-community, #t-education#t-marketing and #t-product) as well as a joint channel #community-sprint exclusively for the sprint. If you do not yet have a Slack account: Please go to mautic.org/slack to sign up.

    Join sprint channel in Slack
  • Video Call: Jitsi Meet. For online interaction (like Opening / Onboarding / Coffee Breaks), including screen sharing, we are using video calls. Please have a webcam ready if you like (just audio otherwise), and/or install the Jitsi app on your mobile device. And, just in case: You can also dial-up via phone through these numbers

    Also please do try the service up-front, and make sure to enter your name in Settings -> Profile so that we know who you are when you join

    Try or join sprint main video call

    Please be aware that the main online events will be recorded and the recording will be accessible to all, especially for those who miss an event e.g. due to timezones.

  • Task management: Differs per team, we use Google Docs, Trello and more. You'll find out!
  • Other tools may be introduced as needed e.g. for brainstorming sessions

See you on Monday!