Announcing Mautic 2.16

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED January 30, 2020 · UPDATED March 13, 2020

Today (13th February 2020) we have released 2.16 which includes many enhancements and bug-fixes.

Some of the most important updates include:

  • Fix for Maxmind IP lookup feature requiring authorization
  • PHP 7.3 support
  • New Campaign Actions
  • Update to the Zoho CRM integration to support the new v2 API from Zoho
  • Update to Salesforce integration to support TLS 1.2
  • SameSite cookie fix for Chrome 80 and other browsers

As always, we recommend that you install this update in a development environment and test thoroughly. We also recommend that you perform this update using the command line where possible, especially on shared hosting or where there are a lot of leads to process, which can result in a timeout with the browser update.


  • #7567 New Campaign actions: Add/Remove Do Not Contact (@kuzmany)

This feature allows you to have a step in your campaigns which enables assigning of the ‘Do Not Contact’ status to a lead. Previously this could not be done as part of a campaign.

  • #6991 Support PHP 7.3 (@heathdutton)
  • #8364 Fix PHP 7.3 compatibility (@dennisameling)

With these pull requests, Mautic now supports PHP 7.3 - a much requested feature!

  • #7719 New post save api hook (@escopecz)

This pull request allows plugins to get the saved entity and the whole Request and interact with it. It allows them to send more data - for example with the contact create request - and connect this to the contact.

  • #7886 Allow save image to contact profile from form (@kuzmany)

This pull request allows the saving of a contact image directly to the lead when submitted via a Mautic form

  • #7449 Add support for sms replies as a campaign decision (@alanhartless)

This pull request adds support to consume SMS replies through campaigns, e.g. by using Twilio as the SMS provider.


The following enhancements are included in this release:

  • SameSite cookie fix for Chrome 80 and other browsers
  • Add support for MaxMind requiring a free account to use their service
  • Minor copy and content improvements
  • Allow domains to be excluded from form submissions
  • Update Zoho CRM integration to use the v2 API
  • Improve segment stats

See below for details in the individual pull requests:

  • #8368 Add supported versions table to README (@dennisameling)
  • #8347 Future browsers samesite none (@lukassykora)
  • #8337 Maxmind license key (@lukassykora)
  • #8272 Updates Zoho to their REST v2 API (@alanhartless)
  • #8144 Focus Item install description update. (@DeanWookey)
  • #8108 Update (@npracht)
  • #8105 Removing text as flagged in #7983 which is no longer relevant (@RCheesley)
  • #8082 Small typo fix (@RCheesley)
  • #7974 Small copy update (@RCheesley)
  • #7915 Add preference_center.tooltip to landing page PageType (@virgilwashere)
  • #7886 Allow save image to contact profile from form (@kuzmany)
  • #7709 Do not submit emails validation (@kuzmany)
  • #7449 Add support for sms replies as a campaign decision (@alanhartless)
  • #7285 Segments stats improvements (@kuzmany)


This release contains multiple bug fixes which are listed below:

  • #8412 Disable RSS notifications from until there is a community replacement (@alanhartless)
  • #7976 Reintroduce support for Apache < 2.4 (@FlorianWessels)
  • #8436 Samesite cookie fix not working in PHP 7.3 and higher (@dennisameling)
  • #8266 Add regex to check if serialized string contain an object (@Enc3phale)
  • #8253 Prevent 404 error for page redirect with whitespace (@patrykgruszka)
  • #8159 Show labels of select, multiselect and boolean custom lead fields (@kuzmany)
  • #8038 Fix hidden bar If allow hide is disabled (@kuzmany)
  • #8033 Bug fix on CommonRepository (@bookin)
  • #7960 fix: Has valid email address campaign condition always results true (@pety-dc)
  • #7938 Correct grammar for mautic:unusedip:delete (@virgilwashere)
  • #7921 Fix token link in code mode editor (@kuzmany)
  • #7906 Added z-index for section action buttons (@kuzmany)
  • #7887 Fix multi select sync for Hubspot (@kuzmany)
  • #7883 implement periodic dummy keepalive updateStatus request when away (@pety-dc)
  • #7868 fix missing alias in emailreply ordering (@pety-dc)
  • #7845 Replace continue in switch statement with break (@Woeler)
  • #7818 Contacts able to submit Form without adding data in required fields (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #7814 Use tls 1.2 since Salesforce disabled 1.1 (@alanhartless)
  • #7804 Fix convert all email images to embed type (@kuzmany)
  • #7800 Fix problem selecting filter in construction of segments/reports/etc by Enter keydown hitting (@Noa83)
  • #7760 Fix company search from list view (@kuzmany)
  • #7746 Fix report empty expression (@kuzmany)
  • #7704 Fix for issue 7338 - segment not added back to campaign (@DanielCiochiu)
  • #7600 fix overflow-x in report to allow horizontal scroll (@Noa83)
  • #7088 Dnc report (@escopecz)

A big thank you to everybody who has contributed to this release, and to Mautician Dennis Ameling for stepping up as Release Leader.

How you can help

As with any release, if you come across any problems which you believe to be a bug, please search to see if it is already reported, and if not, report it on Github.

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Updated on 13th February 2020 to include additional PR's released in 2.16 stable, remove references to beta release, and to reflect the date of the Stable release.