Shape the Future of Mautic: Call for Council Nominations

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED November 09, 2023 · UPDATED November 09, 2023

As a part of our dedicated Mautic community, many of you participate, contribute, and help drive the evolution of our open source marketing automation platform. 

It's in this spirit of collaboration that we make this exciting announcement: Nominations are now open for the Mautic Council, and we're looking for seven driven and community-focused individuals like YOU to step up.

The Mautic Council is a critical component in shaping our future and amplifying the voice of our community in decision making. Serving on the Council offers a unique opportunity for you, as an individual, to influence Mautic’s trajectory, lending your unique perspectives and experiences to its development and governance. There are seven seats on the Council - read more in the Governance Model. 

So why should you nominate someone (or yourself) for the Mautic Council?

  1. Steering Mautic’s Future Course: Council membership allows you to play a direct role in critical decisions affecting Mautic’s future as a product and the wider community.
  2. Voice of the Community: As a Council member, you're in a position to represent the needs, ideas, and suggestions of the Mautic community.
  3. Leadership Development: Being a member of the Mautic Council aids your professional development, sharpening your leadership and governance skills in a real-world, dynamic context.

To nominate someone (or yourself), the proposed candidate will have to be an individual member of our community.

Diversity is a cornerstone of our community, so we warmly encourage nominations for individuals from different backgrounds, affiliations, and areas of expertise. 

Nominees should have a strong commitment towards open source principles, possess an in-depth understanding of Mautic, and be willing to proactively work with other council members and the broader community. We particularly welcome those who have experience in business development, leadership and scaling organizations as this will also be a big focus for Mautic in the coming years.

Interested? Then take that next step and put forward your nomination here. 

Nominations will close on 30th November 2023, so make sure you don’t miss this exciting opportunity.

Fill the council seats with the power of the community, let your voice be heard, and help Mautic reach new heights. Happy nominating!

Have questions? Please drop into #wg-governance on Slack, or drop me an email at [email protected].