Community Sponsors

Mautic Sponsors

The Mautic project is powered by the support from its members. There are many ways that you - as an individual or an organisation - can contribute to Mautic not only by coding and volunteering, but also with cold hard cash!  

Donating financially allows us to keep our infrastructure up and running, cover the cost of running events, and supporting the community in other ways.

We manage our finances transparently through the Open Collective in accordance with our finance policy.

The individuals and organisations listed below are sponsors of Mautic through our Open Collective or Github Sponsors. We are extremely grateful for your support, no matter how big or small every donation makes a difference.

Difference between Members and Sponsors

Please note that sponsors contribute on a MONTHLY basis, whereas Members (who also have voting rights) contribute on an ANNUAL basis. Some organisations are members and also contribute monthly, so they may appear on both lists.

Meet our sponsors

$100/month +

Under $100/month

Avinash Dalvi

Dirk Spannaus

Shamaeva Natalia

DT Network

Norma Ochoa

John Hannawin

Joey Keller

Roundabout Media

Jan Linhart

Steer Campaign

Rahul Shinde

Ruth Cheesley

Eli Logan

Jon Stephenson

Wmd Solucoes Digitais Eireli 

Ludovic Fourrage

Acquia Japan

Infrastructure Supporters

These organisations are supporting the Mautic Community by providing free or heavily discounted services that help us to manage our infrastructure or workflows.

* Mailfloss affiliate referral link - the Mautic Community earns 50% commission for each new customer and 30% recurring commission for subscriptions if you click this link.