Landing Page

By DB Hurley · Published Thu, 07/23/2015 - 02:03

One of the ways the businesses do this is by creating landing pages with specific call to actions. These call actions may simply be something like filling out a form, or clicking a button to download something, or something else in which to encourage them anonymously to enter more information. And they’re going to enter this information in a form.

So now what you have is an anonymously that fills in the form, this gives you more information about them typically those fields would be a name, email address, and maybe some other information about them. As a business you now have a lot more information about this individual now they’re no longer in anonymously you can now link all the pages they visited by their IP address to a specific name and email address. This is where information begins to come into play. Now that you hold an email address you can do a variety of tasks.

You can look up their social networks based on their publicly available information, you can add them to specific lists, and you can begin drip flow marketing email campaigns.

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