Mautic Case Study: Prospectiva

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Quick facts

Situation: Managing multi-channel digital marketing strategies across multiple business areas and countries and establishing connections with leads, clients, and partners on a global level presented various difficulties for Prospectiva, a multinational group of companies in the engineering and consulting sectors.

Challenge: The implementation of contact segmentation, cross-selling and up-selling strategies was expensive, incredibly challenging to manage/maintain, and had a low return on investment.ย โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹

Solution: In order to implement Mautic for marketing automation and create a custom Mautic plugin suited to their particular business needs, Prospectiva Group teamed up with Codefive, a company that specializes in marketing automation and Mautic.ย โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹

Results: This partnership significantly improved client engagement, freed HR to focus on strategy and monitoring, decreased email fatigue risk (resulting in higher opening ratios and lower opt-out ratios), and increased ROI by over 80%.

The client

Prospectiva group is an engineering and consulting group of companies with more than 40 years of experience, operations in 15 countries, +200 professionals, and a revenue of more than โ‚ฌ10 million throughout Europe, Africa and South America. Prospectiva group operates in several different business areas, namely, IT, consultancy, civil engineering, construction and hospitality.


It was challenging and time-consuming to segment, automate, and customize marketing campaigns while nurturing leads (and existing customers) to become new customers in other business areas due to Prospectiva's group's enormous contact database from various business areas, companies, and countries.

The primary difficulties involved automating and tracking multi-channel digital marketing campaigns while gathering and utilizing business/marketing data from various third-party systems (automatically segmenting contacts), interacting with leads, and up-selling/cross-selling other services and products to existing customers (both in the same business areas and countries as well as in others).

Why Mautic?

Prospectiva chose Mautic because it is the most complete system available on the market in terms of marketing automation and CRM functionality, is flexible and highly customizable, open-source, and easy to interface/integrate with other systems.

The main factors that led to Mautic adoption were its marketing automation capabilities, which were in line with their objectives of improving customer interaction, automating digital communication tactics and lead nurturing strategies, minimizing email duplication, and reallocating HR resources to the implementation and oversight of digital strategies rather than their execution.


To automate the management of marketing and business data for multiple contracts for the same contact or entity (which could be a customer in different business areas, companies, and countries) fulfilling all the other business-specific objectives mentioned above, Prospectiva Group hired a Mautic and marketing automation specialized company (Codefive) to implement Mautic and develop a custom-made Mautic plugin.

Implementing Mautic and the tailor-made Mautic custom plugin enabled Prospectiva's marketing department to meet that major challenges while also automating other multi-channel communication strategies, preventing duplicate emails, automating all marketing/sales funnels, and allowing marketing human resources to be reallocated to the planning, implementation, and oversight of new initiatives.

Implementing Mautic dramatically boosted customer engagement, freed up HR for monitoring and strategy thinking, reduced the risk of email fatigue (leading in higher opening and lower opt-out ratios), and raised ROI by more than 80%.

What's next?

Prospectiva group plans to keep working with Mautic, supported by Codefive for all necessary marketing automation consultancy and Mautic custom developments, in order to keep improving their marketing automation capabilities, putting new strategies into practice, and automating other business and communication needs on their Mautic and complementary systems.


Prospectiva's case study on Mautic illustrates the adaptability and efficacy of marketing automation capabilities and the full suite of tools offered by Mautic when applied to the services sector, specifically the IT, engineering, and consulting industries (all together in this particular case), which are areas where marketing automation may not be traditionally considered.

The marketing department of Prospectiva was able to significantly improve client engagement, HR, and marketing efficiency through the implementation of Mautic with the aid of a specialized company and the creation of Mautic-based custom solutions, which directly improved the ROI of their campaigns and marketing initiatives.