Mautic Case Study - Comarch

Quick facts

Situation: Comarch was looking for a marketing automation tool that would be easy to modify and integrate with its internal system and at the same time would allow participation in its development. Finally, the company decided on Mautic.

Challenge: The biggest challenges Comarch wanted to overcome with Mautic were related to the structure of the company. As a big organization we have multiple marketing departments. We had a goal to standardize and optimize our campaigns to make sure that customers using different products receive consistent messages. Very important to us were also the possibility of integration with our systems and storing the data on our servers. 

Solution: We invest a lot of resources to adjust Mautic to our needs. We also created guidelines for marketing departments on how to use the whole ecosystem efficiently and do it consistently. 

Results: Mautic currently plays an important role in Comarch's marketing as it is widely used by marketing departments. The system has been integrated with corporate CRM, CMS, and other internal systems.

The client

In this case, the client and the partner are the same organization - Comarch SA, a global software house delivering and integrating proprietary IT products. 

Comarch carries out projects for leading Polish and global brands in the most important sectors of the economy, including telecommunications, finance, banking, insurance, trade, services, infrastructure, public administration, industry, healthcare, and in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. 

Tens of thousands of well-known brands in more than 100 countries on six continents have used Comarch services.

These organizations include Heathrow Airport, BP, Carrefour, Heineken, Goodyear, Pepsi, Vodafone, T-Mobile, TelefĂłnica, E-Plus, KPN or MTS, BNP Paribas Fortis, Alior Bank SA (Carlo Tassara Group), Allianz, Aviva, AXA, Banque Populaire des Alpes, BRE Bank, BZ WBK (Santander Group), CitiFinancial (Citigroup), Delta Lloyd Life, Deutsche Bank PBC, and ING Insurance. Currently, the company employs about 7,000 professionals in more than 90 offices in over 30 countries.


A few years ago, Comarch's management board made a decision to use an external marketing automation tool for the internal needs of marketing departments. For the need to select a system, a working group consisting of representatives of marketing and IT departments was appointed responsible for collecting requirements and analyzing marketing tools available on the market. 

Why Mautic?

For marketing teams, the most important was the ability to expand the channels of reaching contacts through websites, forms, dynamic content and social media, as well as the ability to analyze campaign results and transfer leads to the company's CRM. In other words, Comarch needed a solution that would meet these requirements, allow it to integrate with internal systems and ensure the storage of customer data on our secure servers.


The Mautic system was launched in 2019. At the beginning, the biggest challenge was transferring knowledge about the system to users and adapting the organization's business processes. The team responsible for implementation of Mautic actively educated users and promoted the system internally. To adapt the tool to business requirements, some modifications and integrations were implemented by Comarch developers. 

The company faced multiple challenges connected to the functional limitations of the system, as well as many errors. This was an important reason why Comarch decided to actively participate in solving bugs and developing further functionalities as Mautic contributors. The challenge that emerged after some time was a low level of system performance while sending tens of thousands of emails and running advanced campaigns. Migration of the environment to new servers and redesign of the database architecture solved the performance issues. 

Since 2022, because of the company’s engagement in the development of the system, Comarch is also a sponsor of Mautic.

What's next?

Comarch wants to actively participate - as a technological partner - in the further development of the system in key areas for the company, such as:

  • Reporting
  • Campaign builder
  • Development of A/B testing
  • New integrations
  • Education
  • Infrastructure optimization


This project has yielded many contributions back to Mautic including:

  • Improvements in reporting (trackable link mailto, devices report, filter report data by tags, contact’s email statistics in lead view)
  • Improvement in segments (long segment build time warning, optimizing segment load query, adding text for the rebuilding contacts time for segments)
  • Improvements in GrapesJS editor (loading custom fonts into GrapesJS editor - plugin, select with Mautic tokens for GrapesJS text editor
  • Other improvements (“Contact field value” in campaign builder - adding multi select for including/excluding operator, option to set a strict transport security header in response)
  • Bug fixing 
  • Financial support (becoming a sponsor).

Comarch currently has four developers who are actively contributing to the Mautic project.