Mautic New Release Available

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED June 08, 2015 · UPDATED June 08, 2015

Mautic creates cutting-edge marketing automation software available to everyone. Our community focuses on developing the features that will make Mautic not only competitive in the marketing automation space but we stand out going beyond just the basic features. Mautic is introducing features and tools that no one else can offer.

Because Mautic is open source we have the capability and opportunity to move at speeds that other platforms simply cannot match. We can improve the product, fix issues, and offer new features far quicker than everyone else. This is why it should come as no surprise that we are announcing a new minor release, version 1.1, which offers some astounding statistics.

Amazing Release Numbers

This latest release fixes over 50 issues and provides more than 30 new features. Version 1.1 includes more than 18,000 code additions, and removes more than 4,000 lines of code. All of these fixes took place in under 4 weeks. Mautic is moving!

The Real Story

But this is only half the story. Yes. we move quickly to fix issues and offer improvements; but everything is done in such a way that it does not affect the overall product or the end user experience. Mautic focuses on improvements to the product without causing a disruption to the overall user experience. We believe we should never disorient the user by moving too quickly or cause detrimental effects to how a user experiences Mautic.

In order for Mautic to move at this speed and maintain this dedication to the user experience we must move with purpose. Our bug fixes must address the issues found with incredible speed; while new features should improve and enhance the user experience.

Release Version?

Lastly, you’ll notice we’re not making a huge deal about the version number. For all the developers in the room, we are using semantic versioning, this affects when we release certain features, but we believe most users should never have to worry about version upgrades and specific numbers. Mautic strives to always offer seamless upgrades through an intuitive user interface. New version? Simply click the button and watch the upgrade happen. The version number shouldn’t matter, instead you’ll notice the issues fixed, and new features are enabled.

If you want to see a more detailed breakdown of what’s been fixed and featured in this release check out the release notes on GitHub or in the forums.

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