Introducing Mautic 1.0

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED March 09, 2015 · UPDATED March 09, 2015

The time has come. The day we have all waited for, worked tirelessly for has arrived. If you have not been following along don't worry, you have arrived at the perfect time. Today we announce Mautic 1.0 Stable.

Our Gift to You

Mautic 1.0 Stable Release

Open Source Marketing Automation

This for for all you marketers dedicated to your craft. You who understand that marketing is more than a science. You work tirelessly in your creative efforts to perfect your blending of science and art. You dedicate your time to improving your abilities and honing your skills. To thank you and to help you do what you do we offer our gift of Mautic, free and open source marketing automation. We want to empower you to do more. We want to help you continue to strive for excellence through the most cutting-edge, advanced, powerful tools available. For every person, in every country, regardless of the size of your business. Here's to you artists of marketing! Thank you for all you do.

The time has come when we are finally able to present to you our gift to marketing, our answer to the inequality created by the marketing automation giants.

We believe in the right to grow and that's why we've gone through four beta releases, and three release candidates. With the outstanding help of Mautic community volunteers from around the globe, we've had thousands of builds, integrated with all the programs you requested, fixed every reported bug and worked tirelessly with you and for you. We did it all so that you could have a program that's comprehensive in its solution, powerful in its capabilities, truly open and beautiful by design.

Here are a few of the powerful features of Mautic

  • Lead Tracking, Generation & Nurturing
  • Point Attributions & Real-Time Interactivity
  • Personalization
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Email Marketing & A/B Testing
  • Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns
  • Dripflow Programs & Sales Funnel
  • Landing Page Builder & Asset Management
  • CRM Integrations / API
You can see more details on our homepage, or even take a brief tour.

It's time to build your first campaign!

If this is your first introduction to Mautic then we welcome you! You are about to experience the very best in marketing automation. You have two ways to take advantage of Mautic. You can download directly from the Mautic website. Use this method if you want to host your own marketing automation platform (that's right, no more SaaS for you!). The second option is to register for an account on where you can be up and running in less than 3 minutes. This account is free and never expires!

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A massive thank you!

Finally, thank you to all of our testers who helped us make this release amazing with your feedback and involvement. We have accomplished something great in our community. We are proving the power of open source and the importance of every individual.

If you like what Mautic is doing, please share our project with your friends & colleagues. Help us achieve global equality and growth through the power of open source software!

Happy Marketing!