Community Spotlight: Ruth Cheesley

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED June 01, 2015 · UPDATED June 01, 2015

We love finding and featuring our amazing community members who are doing amazing things for Mautic.

Recently we featured someone who was active in translating and assembling an entirely new version of (see that MVP here). This time, however, we’re turning our focus to another area of Mautic and another outstanding community member.

Introducing: Ruth Cheesley

Ruth has been a long-time advocate of open source solutions and has a history dedicated to the field of digital technology. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Virya Group Limited, a full-service, tech-focused digital agency which specializes in the use and promotion of open source technologies.

Mautic Meetups & More

Ruth recently turned her expertise and skills to Mautic and began getting involved with our community. She saw and believed in our community vision and quickly looked for ways in which she could put her talents to use making Mautic better. Ruth organized a local Mautic Meetup in her area of the UK. But she didn’t stop there, not only did she create several different meetups but she took it one step further and organized a special first-ever doc sprint. In other words, Ruth got people to come out and work on improving the documentation for Mautic. Why? Because she wanted it make Mautic easier for everyone to setup and use. That’s amazing! That’s the type of thing which makes her standout as a Mautic MVP.

Dear Ruth,

The Mautic community, would like to recognize this incredible dedication and support and offer a huge, heartfelt, THANK YOU! You’re awesome, and you make Mautic awesome.