Community Spotlight: Akarawuth Tamrareang

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED March 17, 2015 · UPDATED March 17, 2015

Mautic open source marketing automation is developed and supported by a network of volunteers who comprise a global community of marketers, developers, designers, and translators. We love that so many individuals and organizations have taken the concept of open source marketing automation and felt the passion to run with it, to improve, to integrate, to translate, and to share their own vision of our organization's potential.

It is our honor to recognize those who have contributed extensively and embodied the values of our organization by sharing their stories with you.

Mautic VIP

This week we recognize the skills and contributions of Akarawuth Tamrareang for his incredible dedication to open source projects and to sharing Mautic in Thailand. Check out the Thai locale - very impressive!

We asked him to share his story with the Mautic community.

Akarawuth Tamrareang (aka Krit or Open Source Wizard) is the Managing Director of Marvelic Engine Co., Ltd. Akarawuth has a long history with open source development and since 2004 he has led a group of CMS professionals who specialize in open source systems. His experience is truly impressive with work in Joomla!, Mambo, WordPress, e-commerce solutions like VirtueMart, CitrusCart, vtigerCRM, and his own FLEXIcontent; a content construction kit for Joomla!

In addition to his extensive development work, Akarawuth has also played leadership and organizer roles in a variety of events and organizations including:

  • Joomla Translation Working Group (Thai/Lao)
  • Joomla Day in Thailand: the biggest event for Joomla users in Thailand.
  • Joomla Training Seminars hosted monthly for both individuals and students
  • Joomla lectures at many events
  • Mentor for the Google Summer of Code program
  • Joomla Bug Squad
  • Former OSM board member
  • President of Open Source Education and Development Association
  • Leader of Joomla User Group Bangkok

We asked Krit a few questions about his interest and involvement in Mautic. He was kind enough to give us some great insights.

Why did you decide to become involved with Mautic?

Mautic interested me because it seemed to answer to all my questions and provided a great solution for the open source community in Thailand. I discovered Mautic through Github from David’s account ( then I found information about and It's such a useful tool for marketers and offers a wide range of new features.

What is your vision for Mautic and how do you see that effecting businesses in Thailand?

All new social media platforms in Thailand experience very rapid growth. Thais are very keen on social media right now (such as Instagram, Twitter and especially Facebook). Mautic is an amazing tool to help marketer analyze their clients and to keep track of their campaigns with in-depth analysis and results. Also, many users are already experienced with open source platforms such as Joomla, Wordpress and vTigerCRM. Mautic has provided a complete business model for businesses and organizations in Thailand.

The Mautic community owes a grand gesture of support to Akarawuth for his enthusiasm and extensive contributions. Thank you on behalf of the entire Mautic community!

For more information on Thailand’s Open Source Wizard check out the references below.

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