Mautic Conference Global 2021 Highlights

By Jcroldos · PUBLISHED July 22, 2021 · UPDATED October 06, 2021

Do you remember something relevant that you have done during the last month?

Many things, really, but there is one that is special for me: The Mautic Conference Global 2021 took place from 16th to 18th of June of 2021! Wow!

It was my first Mautic Conference, and proudly, I can share the following facts related to the event, I hope you will find them interesting:

  • 7 Months of planning and preparation
  • 58 Sessions in 2 days
  • 6 Languages
  • About 300 registrations (220 tickets sold, plus about 80 speakers and sponsor tickets)
  • 223 active attendees from all over the world (75% attendance rate)
  • “Give what you can” Ticket prices from $5.- to $200.- (Special thanks to our most generous attendee from The cloudCreative Agency!)
  • 50 Speakers
  • 7 Sponsors
  • 2 training providers at the Mautic Training Day
  • 42 photos taken in our Photobooth
  • 90 swag coupons issued to attendees
  • Approximately $12,000 in profit which fully goes to the Mautic Community Budget
  • 1 awesome community

It was the second Global Conference, and I can proudly say that working with all the organizing team was such a privilege! It was also gorgeous to see all the feedback received through social networks regarding the success of the event.

So as you can imagine, we are already charging batteries for the next one!

We have heard some rumours about the date of the next Mautic event, but we invite you all to be aware of all news coming from the Mautic Community on social media and through our Email newsletter (sign up here if you haven’t already!), so as to know when we will be enjoying the next Mautic event, and indeed, Mautic Conference Global 2022. I just let you into a secret … You'll know it very soon!

But the next Mautic Conference Global is not the only upcoming major Mautic event. We are also preparing for Mautic Conference North America, and… please pay attention: It will be in person! (in line with COVID regulations - and of course, all plannings have to be tentatively.) So be aware of Mautic news, and you will soon be receiving the exact dates for each event.

We really want to thank all the sponsors of Mautic Conference Global 2021, because their support was really, really important.

During this Mautic Conference Global 2021, our sponsors were:

Gold sponsors:

  • Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing
  • Facet Interactive
  • Acquia

Silver Sponsors:

  • Droptica
  • Dropsolid

Bronze Sponsors

  • Axelerant

Training Sponsor

  • OS Training

At the same time, I want to remind everyone that the Mautic Community is alive and kicking, more alive than ever - and you are invited to participate!

Please see for places to connect. Also, if you want to keep in touch with many people who are working daily with Mautic, there is also a Slack space, with a lot of channels, where you can cooperate and participate actively if you want. Just Click to get an invite.