Mautic 2.12.0: The Search for Meaning

By jseevers · PUBLISHED December 07, 2017 · UPDATED December 07, 2017

The influx of data within our organizations continues to rise. We are tracking every click, every open, every visit. Marketing automation solutions are taking these tasks to a whole new level. More channels of communication and greater levels of depth in our campaigns provide us with even more insight into the thoughts and behaviors of our target audience.

We’ve discussed the need to build better stories around our automation before. Not only does our data need to tell a compelling story, but the processes and workflow that we use should support it as well.

Mautic 2.12.0 has added features and enhancements in the area of Reporting and Filters (as well as few bonus items) that should assist your business in that effort. Effectively gathering the right data, at the right time, for the right story is an essential part of getting the most out of your marketing automation strategy. Here's what we've added:

Reporting and Filters:

  • Scheduled Reports: Mautic users can now schedule reports to run and send those reports to specified email addresses when the reports are generated. This provides better reporting visibility to both Mautic and non-Mautic users.
  • Segment Reporting: Users can now report on current segment membership so better tracking of marketing activities is achieved. This tracking is connected to the adding or removing of a contact from a segment.
  • Contacts Manually Added to Segment Visibility: Now users can see which contacts were added manually, or through a filter, via a new Segment details page.
  • Clickable Stats: A user can now click stat labels to view a list of contacts that are included in that metric for web/mobile push notifications and SMS in addition to emails.
  • Email Replies: Users will be able to execute campaign actions based on a contact replying to an email sent through a campaign. (Note: Mautic can only monitor a single imap folder and the contact must reply with the body intact in order to know what to attribute the reply to.)
  • Contact Companies: Now users will be able to include companies in contact related data sources for reports.


  • Improvements to Connectwise: Users can now generate a task in Connectwise based on a campaign action in Mautic. You can also bring marketing groups from Connectwise into Mautic to create segments in Mautic.

Other Updates:

  • Themes Update: We’ve added 4 new landing page themes and 4 new email themes! Not only that, but we’ve added a viewport meta tag on all legacy themes to ensure responsiveness to screen-width.
  • Twitter: Now users can merge Twitter contacts by matching name.

Growth requires a dedicated process that is powered by relevant information that can steer our strategies in the right direction. We are excited to continue growing Mautic into a solution that will help your business be better equipped to gather and interpret your data.

A huge thank you to those in the community who made the effort to load the beta release of 2.12.0 and test these features, functionality, and fixes that were part of this release.

For more detailed information, you can find the release notes here. If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to us via the Community Forums, Slack or our social channels (Facebook & Twitter) and we will do our best to help.

If you’re not a community member, we would encourage you to join us! Download Mautic today and start growing your business.