Community Spotlight: Miroslav Fedeleš

Senior software engineer Miroslav Fedeleš, aka Fedy, has been with the Mautic Community for two years. For the Czech professional, the exchange with other contributors and the learning opportunities are the highlights of his experience.

In this article, Miroslav briefly describes how he started contributing to the community and some of the improvements he was a part of. He also tells a little about the benefits of joining the community.

Why Mautic?

As a PHP software developer, Miroslav had worked as a freelancer and for a few companies before joining the Acquia team two years ago. Acquia provides a marketing and content platform that uses Mautic, among other technologies. The company's collaborators, like Miroslav, also contribute to the Mautic community, benefiting both the enterprise and the open source project.

Automated tests and then some

Since he has been with the Mautic community, the Czech developer has been working a little with many different features. “I haven’t worked on a specific feature mainly. I improved several areas a bit”, he sums up.

Some of his most prolific contributions regard improvements to automated tests and continuous integrations, which extend to the Mautic 4.2 release of February 2022. Miroslav also lends a hand with general bug fixes, like “campaign jump events occurring twice, support for MySQL full-text search, and custom field order on a contact’s page”, he recalls.

What is good and what is best?

Having the experience to work both with his company’s colleagues and with Mautic’s contributors, Miroslav highlights that contributing to an open source project “is a great way to share your experience and it’s an opportunity to learn something new”.

His favourite part about the Mautic community are the in-person Mautic conferences. “For me it is a great opportunity to get to know other members of the community in a natural and informal way. Listening to lectures is also very helpful, so I as a developer can think about use cases I hadn’t had an idea of before.”

Miroslav’s experience with the Mautic community reflects his personal goals in life. “I want to keep learning new things, working on interesting projects and spending as much spare time as possible with my awesome family.”

If you want to know more about software development and Miroslav Fedeleš, you can check out his GitHub repo, @fedys.

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