Marketo Alternative

Finally, A Marketo Alternative

Tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money for marketing automation? Maybe you just don’t like the constant nagging to sign-up. Mautic is the perfect choice.. Free and open source. Download and put on your own server or sign-up for a free hosted account.

Download Mautic Free Hosted Version


Mautic is completely free. Don’t pay absurd monthly fees for something you can have for free.


Keep your data on your server. Don’t trust your information to someone else’s security.


Mautic tracks your lead information and shows you everything it collects. Don’t give your info to another company.


The Mautic community is full of other people just like you. Working together to help everyone succeed!


Mautic is cutting edge software using the latest and greatest available design and code.


Mautic is flexible and can be used in the way your business functions. Need something special. Ask the community!

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