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The Marketing Automation Tech Trap

Admittedly most of us get enamored by the latest and greatest technology. We want to play with it; we want to explore the way it works; and we love the simple idea of something...

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Mautic Wins 2015 Open Source Award

We are pleased to announce that Mautic has been selected as a winner of the 2015 BOSSIES Open Source Award from InfoWorld! The hard work and dedication of the Mautic community is clearly on...

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Mautic 1.2 Release Available

Marketing automation software and email marketing systems have long been known for very extended timeframes and incredibly slow release cycles. This is just one more way that Mautic, open source marketing automation, can revolutionize...

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Marketing Automation and CRM

If you’re in the marketing sector you’re probably very familiar with the term and concept of marketing automation. You may have even looked at various solutions you could use to try and get started...

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What is Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation? Marketing automation is the consistent communication with potential leads through a personalized, effective communication strategy based on insights gathered from their interests and activities.   Consistent communication is a key...

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