Choosing the Right Form For Your Campaign - A Mautic Minute

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED April 18, 2016 · UPDATED March 05, 2020

Welcome to the Mautic Minute!

This is the first in what we hope will be a long list of short tutorials on different aspects of Mautic.  Today's tutorial answers a question I received from a user last week.

There are two kinds of forms:  "Campaign" and "Standalone", each with its own characteristics.  How do I know which one to use?

Choosing the Right Form

Campaign forms allow you to send people straight into a campaign and be the source for that campaign.  These can be edited even after a campaign has begun. Any actions you might want to perform at the time of submission, are handled by the campaign itself, and that can be limiting.

Standalone forms can also allow you to kick-off a campaign. The main difference is that the form submitter must be added to a list as one of the form actions.  The form itself cannot be used as a campaign lead.  You can perform any number of actions on a standalone form!  For instance, if you want an email sent to an administrator when the form submits, then you would use the standalone variety.


Campaign Forms:

  • Push the lead directly into a campaign.
  • Can not perform other actions outside of the campaign workflow.

Standalone Forms:

  • Can not initiate a campaign.
  • Can perform actions at submission such as:
    • adjust a lead's points
    • modify lead's lists (which must be done if this form starts a campaign)
    • modify lead's tags
    • download an asset
    • push lead to integration
    • send email to lead
    • send email to user
    • send form results (such as another administrator)

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still, wonder why it's not possible to get "send form results" action, after form submits event (or even source) in a campaign. It might be outside the scope of the form itself, but data is present in the db and linked to the ocntact, so I wonder what stops mautic to make this feature available. Yes, we can use a standalone form. But then this leaves us with no possible way to implement a honey pot trick to stop spam bots. (and the captcha feature currently available isn't strong enough). So is there any workaround you would advise? I don't believe I am the first one facing this challenge, and this might have been solved using some best practices?