Using the PACE Acrostic – Getting Started with Mautic

If you’re trying to figure out how to use Mautic, then understanding the PACE acrostic in this getting started video should help!

Understanding the PACE acrostic in Mautic

At Mautic, we want to help you build meaningful relationships.  This can be with potential customers, constituents or even business partners.

We do this by providing you with the tools to reach them. These include among other things forms, landing pages, assets, emails, text messages and web notifications.  Once all these are ready, you can incorporate them into simple or complex campaigns.

As people flow through campaigns, you can segment them into more refined groups, create follow up points of contact and more!

Finally, the best campaigns are properly evaluated campaigns!  Mautic gives you a drag and drop dashboard and reports to help you track everything.

We call this the “PACE” workflow.

Watch the video to see more.



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