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Looking at Leads

We get it. things happen and circumstances change plans. The live Mautic Hangout was an incredible experience but don’t feel bad if you missed it. This is your chance. If for some reason you...

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Emails & Campaigns

We are happy to have another great ‘Hands On’ webinar where we dove into the awesome email builder, a/b testing and tons of email features that will make your campaign both powerful and effective....

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Mautic Explained: Marketing Forms to Campaigns

We continue to release short Mautic Explained videos to help marketing integrators as they work with Mautic. Marketing automation forms and campaigns are the primary ways you will collect information from your users. This video will demonstrate...

Mautic 2.0x Cron Job Update 3

Cron Job Update – Mautic 2.0x

If you have a self-hosted version of Mautic, then the updates to cron jobs in Mautic 2.0 definitely impacts you. One of the areas that Mautic is improving upon is industry standardization.  Many of...

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The Zillow Zero: A Marketing Case Study

Recently we came across a fantastic marketing story. Zillow, a huge organization now wasn’t always so big and successful. Early in the company’s life they had to find creative marketing ideas and implement an...

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