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Mautic Drupal 8.x module

This Drupal 8 module lets you add the Mautic tracking gif image to your Drupal website and embed Mautic forms in Drupal content.


  1. Download zip package.
  2. Follow the usual steps to install the module using Composer. (read more)
  3. In the settings page enter the URL of your mtc.js script. All pages will now have the required JavaScript added to the HTML header. You can confirm this by viewing the page source from your browser.

Form embed

To embed a Mautic form into Drupal content, insert this code snippet:

{mauticform id=ID width=300px height=300px}

ID is the identifier of the Mautic form you want to embed. You can see the ID of the form in the URL of the form detail. For example for www.yourmautic.com/forms/view/1, ID = 1.

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