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Service and Mautic plugin which makes configuring cron jobs easy, gives you transparency on what's going on with the background jobs right inside your Mautic administration and notify you if something goes wrong.

How does this work

Normally you have to configure several cron jobs to make your Mautic process the background jobs. That's where the automation happens. But there is no way how to write a tutorial for every server or web hosting possible. Because each provider has different UI to set up cron jobs, each Mautic installation will live in a different directory, you have to be carful about the user who creates the crontab because otherwise it will cause big problems and so on.

That's what the service is stepping in. The service is another server which will ping the Cronfig plugin installed in your Mautic periodically. The plugin knows all about your Mautic so you don't have to fill in some paths. The Cronfig plugin will configure everything for you and you just push a button to enable/disable the jobs you need.

So instead of internal deamon in your server it will be another external service. That has a couple of advantages:

  1. It will notify you if your server is down for whatever reason. A program running on your server cannot do that.
  2. There is some problem with DNS or a SSL certificate. Again, this can be done easily from outside.

See more details at cronfig.io or jump right into the Cronfig plugin installation with the steps described in the docs.


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