• Hi,

    I am exploring setting up an integration btw. Gravity forms and Mautic using zapier.
    I see that as an action, I can create a contact through gravity forms.

    If I use this zap to create the contact when a form is submitted, will that result in the contact becoming known to mautic so that I can now track them across the site, or does the user…[Read more]

  • tdlabs replied to the topic Cache Frozen in the forum Support 1 year, 4 months ago

    I think I will set up the cron to delete the cache. A bit dissappointed that the cache timeout does not work. I would naturally expect that to work properly.

    Thank you for the help guys!


  • tdlabs started the topic Cache Frozen in the forum Support 1 year, 5 months ago


    I noticed that my cache does not clear.
    My caching interval is set to 10 minutes, but every time I have to delete the cache folder to see any leads on the dashboard page.

    Then if I go into “Contacts” I don’t see anything, despite the fact that the dashboard says there are 40 Contacts.

    Not sure what is going on…

    I am running a…[Read more]