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Note from the Mautic Community

Work is currently underway to develop an integrated marketplace within Mautic. For more information and updates, please follow this forum thread.  In the interim, we will be maintaining a basic list of mixins below along with links to download them.  We understand that this is not a perfect solution and appreciate your patience! 



Name Description Version  Link to download
Gatsby Integration Add Mautic tracking code to your Gatsby site with this plugin. v1.0 Download on Github
WooCommerce Integration Integration with Mautic for WooCommerce helps you to sync eCommerce data in Real-time, based on that data, you can segment your contacts for advanced targeting. This extension creates best-practised custom fields for contacts on Mautic in order to store real-time shopping data. v2.0.7  Download on Github
Mautic Cron Commands commands.php can be used in environments where you do not have SSH access to run the Mautic command line tool: app/console. v0.1.6 Download on Github
Mautic Media Pulls cost data from media advertising services for campaign correlation. Currently fills a table called media_account_stats with this data for use by other plugins. v2.15.2 Download on Github
Mautic Contact Ledger Historical accounting for contacts. By default Mautic has a field called "Attribution" which is a catch-all financial cost/revenue field for each Contact. This plugin tracks all changes to this field in a "Ledger" for historial tracking and visibility. v2.15.0 Download on Github
Mautic Extended Field Out of the box Mautic has a few challenges for companies that need hundreds of fields, or to store millions of leads. A full problem definition can be found at This plugin is a compromise between a strict EAV approach and current custom field support, and allows an admin to disable the core "Contact" fields in favor of Extended fields if needed. v2.15.0 Download on Github
Mautic Contact Source

Creates easy-to-use API endpoints for receiving contacts from external sources.

Designed for use by performance marketers who enhance/exchange contacts in mass quantities. Can optionally be used in tandem with it's sibling Mautic Contact Client to discern real-time acceptance criteria with external clients.

v2.15.1 Download on Github
Mautic Contact Client

Create integrations/enhancers without touching code. Allows you to send contacts to third parties, supporting virtually any API. Unlike webhooks the result can be used to enhance/modify the contact and virtually any API/Client is supported by chaining API operations as needed.

Designed for use by performance marketers who enhance/exchange contacts in mass quantities. Can optionally be used in tandem with it's sibling Mautic Contact Source.

v2.15.1 Download on Github
Neos 4 Plugin

This Plugin enables the usage of Marketing Automation Tool Mautic together with Neos CMS. Its key features are:

  • Add Mautic Tracking in two easy steps
  • Data Collection via Neos Forms & Neos FormBuilder Forms
  • SEO friendly dynamic content
v1.0.1 Download on Github
Cronfig Service and Mautic plugin which makes configuring cron jobs easy, gives you transparency on what's going on with the background jobs right inside your Mautic administration and notify you if something goes wrong. v1 Download plugin
TYPO3 The Mautic TYPO3 extension has many features that allow you to integrate your marketing automation workflow in TYPO3. v2.1.1 Download on Github
reCAPTCHA This integration brings reCAPTCHA to Mautic. v1.1.3 Download on Github
Drupal This Drupal 8/9 module lets you add the Mautic tracking gif image to your Drupal website and embed Mautic forms in Drupal content. v1.1 Download on Github
WordPress Mautic WordPress Plugin injects Mautic tracking script and image in the WP website. Your Mautic instance will be able to track information about your visitors. You can also insert Mautic content inside your website using different shortcodes. v2.3.0 Download on Github
YouTube logger for WordPress

Register Youtube plays in your WordPress site on Mautic

v1.0.5 Download on Github
NinjaForms Wordpress plugin and Ninja Forms add-on which allows you to save form data to Mautic. v3.1.2 Download on Github
YouCanBookMe Captures a payload from the Webhook and sends the name and email to Mautic. v1.0 Download on Github
optinMonster This simple php file receives json form data from optinMonster and submits it to Mautic v1.0 Download on Github
Infobip This plugin allows to send SMS messages through Infobip service provider API. It is based on the current version of Twilio plugin available in the default Mautic install package, and also on Infobip plugin for previous Mautic versions written by @abreuleonel. v1.0 Download on Github
Grav CMS This is Grav CMS plugin that helps you configure Mautic tracking and converts markdown "links" into Mautic Form Embed code. v1.0 Download on Github
ERP Next Sync This application requires Frappe and ERPNext v10.0, v11.0 (not tested on higher versions). v1.0 Download on Github
Twilio SMS Responder This is a plugin that allows users to be unsubscribed/resubscribed from SMS's by replying with one of several given key words. eg STOP. With this plugin enabled, Mautic will automatically put users who reply in the Do not contactlist and also give them a tag SMS Unsubscribed. v1.0 Download on Github
Send Alert Add "Send alert" action to campaigns v1.0 Download on Github
Remote Login Enable remote login to Mautic instances via email address/secret passphrase v1.0 Download on Github
Ruby on Rails API Client

RoR helper / wrapper for Mautic API and forms - Rails 4.2.8+, 5.1+ compatible

v1.0 Download on Github
ThirdSet Timing Bundle The ThirdSetMauticTimingBundle is a Mautic plugin that allows you to set a cron timing expression on any Campaign action events (such as a "Send Email" action). v2.0.1 Download on Github
Email Sent Webhook Bundle features: Make a HTTP request everytime an email is sent! v1.0.3 Download on Github
ESN: Slot Extender Draft of a plugin for extending the slots and add new ones into the builder. Concept: Add new slots into the builder with some predefined styles and code, just to modify the image and the text, instead of creating ones with the html, so users with not so advanced skills in HTML can use the builder with this extra slots. v1.0 Download on Github
Command Line Emails This script allows you to create a new segment email on your Mautic installation from command line. You can use this to automate marketing messages. It uses Mautic "Basic authentication", so you should NOT use this without SSL (https). v1.0 Download on Github
C# API Client Simple C# client for Mautic API v1.0 Download on Github
Docker Server Based on dirtsimple/php-server, and inspired by mingfang/docker-mautic, this container is an alpine nginx+php 7.1 runner for Mautic 2.15.1+ that stores all configuration and data in a separate location from the application code, allowing the use of a proper data volume or mapped directory. Unlike most mautic distributions, cron jobs are handled sequentially and intelligently, so that jobs cannot interfere with each other -- including slow runs of the same job. v2.15.1 Download on Github
Concrete5 This Concrete5 Add-on lets you add the Mautic tracking code into your Concrete5 website and embed Mautic forms, dynamic content or gated videos in the content.  Note: this is for 8.x. To use with 5.x, use v1.0 Download on Github
Elgg CMS This plugin enables you to use Mautic with Elgg. It will add the Mautic tracking pixel to collect relevant user information like page url, title, username, email and location of the visiting users, if that info is known. So for logged in users most of that information should be available. v1.0 Download on Github
Linux Kernel Versions Plugin to get last kernel version on mails from Mautic. v1.0 Download on Github