Getting Involved

At Mautic we believe that people are created for connection. And it’s in that connection that we can share value, exchange ideas and grow. It’s our desire to help our community accomplish all those things. As with any community, there are a number of roles and functions that you can find connection with. We encourage you to take a look at the opportunities below, and get plugged in.

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” – Jim Rohn

Community Support:

Why community? Some of the very reasons we are unhappy with the status quo of marketing automation is why we need community. Big companies shouldn’t dictate to us what digital marketing means. We should have a voice. Not only should we have a voice, but we should be able to contribute to the solution in a way that benefits everyone. What better way to share your voice than by helping others?

  • Forums:
    Our forums are a place where you can share your challenges and your expertise. Don’t hesitate finding topics that match your skill or expertise and lend a hand.
  • Social:
    Our community doesn’t stop at our Forums, we are always looking for our more social members to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Slack:
    Need some more timely assistance? There are a number of channels that will provide you with the opportunity to connect with others via a topic, region or both. Our community on Slack is growing and will do their best to assist.


The most important aspect of acquiring any new solution, is getting that solution configured and implemented in the most efficient manner. One way we do that is by providing the most up to date documentation and support via the community.

  • Documentation:
    The value of documentation with any software solution is critical to the success of its operation. By guiding users through the installation, configuration and setup of Mautic, we can lead users toward a positive experience and successful implementation of Mautic and all of its capability. You can contribute to our documentation by joining us on Github.
  • Translation:
    Mautic is currently being translated into 47 different languages, actively worked on by a number of volunteers. But more work needs done. If you are bi-lingual in English and another language, we would encourage you to visit our repository on Transifex to join the team!


We all work with software everyday. Whether on our mobile devices, desktop or the web, we all have encounters with the user experience. Similarly, as marketers and software developers, our experience with software gives us the best insight for improving it. If you have thoughts for how marketing automation could work better for you and everyone else, why not share it? Better yet, why not help develop it? Join our community of developers/designers/UX on Github and make a difference by improving Mautic!

  • Testing:
    As an open source project, we are always looking for community members who can assist us in testing new updates before they are released. Have experience working with development servers and get excited about finding cracks that may turn into fractures? We welcome you and your expertise!
  • Plugins:
    From off the shelf, to home grown, to industry leading, there are more business software solutions being implemented than ever before. What’s more important is how organizations connect these systems to make business run more effectively and make customer interactions more seamless. If your work makes child’s play out of such unique challenges, then this is your stop.
  • Themes:
    Do you have a keen eye for design and a sharp mind for code? There are a variety of ways you could support the community by developing themes for the many communication channels and tools that are provided in Mautic. From Landing Pages, to email and everywhere in between, you could provide creative solutions for the way users engage and share value with their audience.


The most important part of growing an open source community is inviting others to join. There are many incredible features and benefits that Mautic provides. Why not share your thoughts via a blog post, or video and share it via your social channels? In addition, we would be grateful for content partners that would be willing to share their expertise with our community by writing blog posts, sharing instructional videos or other relevant content. We’re always looking for bright, intelligent people to add value to our growing community.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways to support and participate in the work being done in the Mautic community. Each area serves a unique purpose and will guide many others like you toward success in using Mautic.

We look forward to working with you!

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