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Emails sent from owner email and name

It allows to automatically personalize emails sent to a user who has an owner (mautic user) assigned to it. This feature changes from email, from name and signature from the default setting to the user setting.


  • Mautic 1.3.0+
  • A non-tokenized mail transport. This feature won't work with emails sent via API (Mandrill, Sparkpost and Mailjet).

How to enable the emails sent from contact owner

  • Open the admin menu by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner.
  • Select the Configuration menu item.
  • Select the Email Settings tab.
  • Switch the Mailer is owner to Yes.
  • Save the configuration.


Signature is also a new feature in the Mautic 1.3.0. There are 2 places where to configure the signature text:

  1. The default signature is in the Configuration, Email Settings tab. The default text is Best regards,<br/>|FROM_NAME|. The |FROM_NAME| token will be replaced by Name to send mail as value also defined in the Email Settings tab. This signature will be used if the contact owner is not known.
  2. Every user can configure their own signature in the profile edit page. This signature will be used if the contact owner is known.

The signature can be placed into an email text by the {signature} token.

There is one exception where the contact owner's signature won't be used. When a user sends an email directly from a contact detail, the currently logged in user's signature will be used. It doesn't matter if the contact has another owner assigned or if it doesn't have an owner at all.


Does it work for all emails?

There are exceptions:

  • The email has to be sent to a contact. If Mautic doesn't have a contact assigned with the email, it doesn't know its owner and therefore cannot know what user name, email and signature to choose. This happens when you send the test emails.
  • If you send an email directly from the contact detail, the from name and from email will be used from the form, not from the user settings. Those values are pre-filled by currently logged in user name and email.