Native form mapping in Mautic

  1. 2 months ago

    When you have existing forms or cannot cleanly embed Mautic forms there needs to be a mapping from the native form to the Mautic form fields. One option is to call the Mautic API and send the submitted form values to the Mautic form. This needs custom development for each form.

    SharpSpring, another marketing automation tool, has a nifty solution for this: https://help.sharpspring.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001067968-Mapping-Native-and-3rd-Party-Forms

    It works the other way around. A javascript snippet makes sure that the fields from the native form are known in SharpSpring and there the marketeer kan map those form fields to the marketing automation form. This way native forms can be connected in a standard way. Developers only have to add the same js snippet to each form.


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