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  1. 2 months ago
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    Hello !
    I'm trying to send a campaign to emails with outlook but all of these emails are going directly to spam.

    https://www.mail-tester.com/ - 10/10 (should be fine to send, right?)

    Gmail and Yahoo works fine.

    Anybody could help me?

  2. Share more details

    Are you sending using Outlook SMTP? or the contact that has Outlook.com are labeling your email as spam? or you are talking about Outlook 2013, 2007

  3. Hello!

    I'm sending using Mautic free.
    I've sending emails to (Sending to* - sorry) @outlook.com and @hotmail.com but about 90% are going directly to the spam folder... in gmail and yahoo looks fine.

  4. Are you talking about Mautic Cloud Free? if yes you need to setup the DKIM and SFP records maybe that help you


  5. I've setup and verified in mautic.net (DKIM and SPF are both ok) ... but still doesn't working.
    Any idea?

  6. send an email to web-i5y8g@mail-tester.com from the Mautic system

  7. Sended!

  8. you are getting 10/10. not sure why Outlook is marking as spam.

  9. Ok, thanks anyway Ninjoan!
    Anybody else???

  10. make sure DMARC is setup as well. Did you check that the sending IP address isn't blacklisted there?

    Also fill out the info here as well:


  11. Donv,

    Where can i check for Dmarc validation?

  12. DMARC from google on DMARCIAN.


    Something that could help??

  13. Aynone?

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    It's normal, it's outlook.
    They prefer to send legitimate e-mails to the spam folder instead of taking the "risk" to allow a promotional e-mail to the main inbox.
    I also get most of my e-mails sent to the spam folder, even with a 10/10 score, even after changing the server IP, even with a different content in the e-mail, even when the total e-mail sent to one single address was 3. And if I remember good, even the e-mails addresses that YOU mark as legitimate still comes to the spam folder. Oh and by the way, you will be throttled if you try to send 2-3 e-mails to the same address under one hour ("just to test"). Tried with two different domains, and with two different e-mail services. No luck so far.
    Voila, hope it answers your questions, with Outlook/hotmail, I guess you will have to pay them a monthly fee to go out of the spam folder, as many companies do, like Udemy, paypal...Etc.

  15. I understood..
    same problem here!
    So, thanks anyway.

  16. Same experience with Outlook here...

  17. The hosted mautic could send messages to outlook better than mautic free? or not?

  18. If you mean "hosted = self hosted" then I guess yes, because then you can use an ESP which takes care of stuff like this. However, an ESP is not a guarantee of course.

  19. Ok Peter! Thank you

  20. Outlook is outlook it doesn't matter if you choose Mautic Cloud or the Self-hosted version.


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