Campaign "opened mail", WHEN?

  1. 2 months ago
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    When I set up a campaign with the first step being to send a welcome e-mail and the second being a decision "opened mail", WHEN does mautic trigger the decision?
    Is it when the cron job runs?
    Because if the cron job runs, and the subscriber didn't read the mail, they will go to the "Not opened" part. But if they open the mail just after the cron job, what would happen?
    My cron runs each 15min, so do they have 15min to open a mail for the system to understand that the mail was opened?
    Wouldn't it be better, in this case, to use an interval BEFORE the "mail opened" decision? Like "if after x days the mail wasn't opened, go to the "not opened" part of the tree".
    Attached a screenshot.

  2. This action will detect if the contact open the email no matter the time 1 sec or 100 years (this will detect if the email is open)

    Now if the email is not open in 5 days (according to your campaign) you will send a reminder email to try to move the lead to continue in the campaign flow

  3. Alright thank you ninjoan. So this is the expected behaviour!
    Still gonna check with a test mail just in case :)
    Thank you again.


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