Why does gmail show bounce when not bounce?

  1. 2 months ago

    Looking at the server email report where all incoming and out going mail is identified.. upon investigation of the report I can see the following 3 conditons.

    Valid Bounce (good)
    i get a red exclamation mark and the From box says "bounce+bounce_2567848828282 etc, and the right column tells yyou what it thinks went wrong.. all is well since i have a bounce mail box named bounce which makes me get the double bounce which is fine.

    Normal No Bounce (good)
    I get green check mark for ok and the email name like dogs@hogs.com shows up and the right hand box says "Accepted"

    An email to any gmail (bad)
    i get the normal green check and the bounce+bounce_23698473733 instead of the expected email name like dogs@gmail.com and the right column shows "Accepted"

    So my question is why does the bounce+bouce occur for all gmail even though it is a valid gmail and the info goes to gmail perfectly mails is delivered.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.. all seems to work well but the bounce for a good email does not make me feel comfortable.. has anyone seen this.

  2. Tested Yahoo same way with same negative results.. all other emails work fine..


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