campains not sending

  1. 2 months ago


    I am using a self hosted mautic 2.10 installation. I (think) I am doing everything right but the campains to not get send.
    test emails etc are working fine
    but I get this error
    Last execution error: Email not found or published
    I use this script to run the cronjobs since I don't have cron my hosting package

    I also tried using cronfig with the same results
    Am I doing something wrong ?

  2. Is the email you want to send published?

  3. Edited 2 months ago by niktarin

    Hi ,

    Where is that option ? sorry new to mautic

  4. In the email list or in email derails there is switch (red/green).

  5. I must be blind. I can't see it... :-(

  6. oh wait. you said email. not contact

  7. -image-


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