How to check if email is opened in Campaign Map

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    I would like to know how we can check whether the recipient opens the email sent from Mautic that is triggered in campaign.

    For instance, in a segment campaign map, I have this Decision item called "Open an email" and branch it to the next action item to send second email, but the issue here is how do I add item to check if the email is not opened in the map? I have had a look in the "Condition" options form orange + icon in this Decision item and could find there is form field value. I'm thinking of adopting this approach using form field value comparison and check method:

    - Check if the form field for email address is not entered (as the first email has CTA button that links to the first landing page with form). then the campaign should repeat sending first email (re-send first email) in 3 days later. But the problem is that the value field cannot be empty even though the intention is to have empty field for email address as if the person have not fully completed the form to download an asset.

    Here is the screenshot to show what I meant above:


    Our Mautic version is 2.2.0

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

  2. The is not opened cannot be an event as you describe it. When will you evaluate it? After 1 day? What if the contact opens it on day 2?

    If you want to send an email and a reminder if the contact has not opened the email after 2 days, you might try the following:
    A. Action: Send email
    B. Decision: Does the contact open the email or visit a page?
    ..... 1. If yes: ...
    ..... 2. If no: Action: Send email within a relative time period of 2 days

    The thing is, Mautic does not evaluate the timing in the decision but in the action.

  3. Hi @PeterTL, thanks for your suggestion and input.

    I am actually looking for an item or way to "detect" the behaviour where email is not opened. I know the Decision item can have Action item to send email if the Decision has "open an email" but I don't see there is Decision that says "do not open an email"??

    Timing doesn't matter and it can be adjusted to suit our requirement.

  4. The action has two exits. The green one means "yes", the red one means "no".

  5. Hi @PeterTL thanks for that. I see, that makes sense. I didn't realise that orange/red connector means "no". I thought it was meant to be scheduled action. Apologies if I missed that one but thank you for letting me know.

  6. No problem!


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