1. 2 months ago


    who can help me to update from 2.5.1 to 2.10?


  2. Use the upgrade script.

  3. Hi mate, always here to help thank you :)

    Yes but where should I install it? You know i'm a begginer.

  4. Edited 2 months ago by ninjoan

    in the Mautic directory

    sample: www.domain.com/mautic/upgrade.php

    NOTE: Make a backup of the DB first.

  5. Ok I will try in 2 hours and will let you know mate.

    Thank you again to help.

    I posted another question dealing with the tracking pixel.

    From a day to the other I have nothing anymore. Do you know why? Can I use google tag manager? Is it because of my 2.5.1 version?


  6. no idea why your Mautic stop tracking i also use Google Tag Manager with the Mautic JS check if the container is disabled or something.

  7. It looks like data base full...

    I'll check it.

    With Tag manager, I added the js script by "Customized html" type, triggered on all pages.

    Is this correct?

  8. that is correct

  9. Ok good thx ;)


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