How stop Spot Bot

  1. 2 months ago

    How we can stop span bot.. So many contacts are sync in mautic with alphanumeric name and fake emails. from some form, which i integrated in POPup of the website.

    Can any one have a better idea without using captcha to stop this spambot in a better way.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. You could try to block a IP from .htaccess but the best option always was Google recaptcha (if you don't want see the recaptcha you can use Google recaptcha Invisible)

  3. here

  4. 6 weeks ago

    @ninjoan good solution for campaign form, but I think the request here is for standalone forms (permanent forms or similar)

  5. @abdel75 You can use a standalone form just replicate the same forms steps ( ) then create a global segment that catches all the contacts in your system and create a campaign that uses the global segment and replicate the campaign steps ( )

  6. oh ok, so if I understand well, I just create the segment, called for example "global segment for captcha purpose" without any restriction or filter and then I create a campaign (kind of invisible captcha campaign). I suppose the campaign is based on the segment not on the form right?

  7. what about asset download, does this method prevents wrong stat on download figures?

  8. You will create a segment that will have all the contacts that your Mautic has then create a campaign that the only job is to look for contact that has filled the spam detection field. This campaign will use the segment you create before as a source.

  9. thanks @ninjoan I'm sure it will work, for forms security. Any tips to prevent bots to download assets? in website, I'd like to share a pdf report. I'd like to avoide discourage the visitor and share the content without a form, do you think there is a safe way of doing it? basically, I want to share, if with a form, safely in order to enable a direct download, any tips or process for doing this?

  10. @ninjoan here

    I've tested. This works fine, but it always send the email first, then delete the bot later. Any way to delete the bot first so we won't waste the resourse?

  11. share you campaign workflow

  12. 5 weeks ago

    @ninjoan share you campaign workflow

    My workflow is:

    1. User submits a form, it triggers an action in that form to send a mail (I don't want user wait for that mail)
    2. A campaign will be triggered, it check the "honey" contact field and delete if it's not empty.

    I see now the problem, is there anyway to delete the contact based on form action?

  13. follow the step of the campaign

  14. last week

    My solution was to create a Custom Field - type Email.
    Add the field as not required in a Mautic form. Add [style="display:none!important"] to the container attributes.
    I changed the labels/placeholder etc. to say Phone. This may not do anything, but some bots are smart so I figured they'd then put numbers in.
    If anything except an email is put in, the form won't submit. If it's blank, the form submits fine.
    My forms went from 10 spam a day to zero.
    Hope it helps someone.


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