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  1. 2 months ago

    Hi Team

    I need some help with the Unsubscribe button, I'm not sure which URL to use, or actually how it works.

    Is there a place on my dashboard where I can find my link?


  2. Go in Configuration> Email settings , and check please

  3. Under Unsubscribe settings I have the following
    Text for the {unsubscribe_text} token
    <a href='|URL|'>Unsubscribe</a> to no longer receive emails from us.

  4. You will get the unsubscribe link using this token {unsubscribe_url}

    just insert {unsubscribe_url} in the button as a link

  5. Thanks a mil, will give it a shot

  6. resolved?

  7. Hi, not yet, using that gave me the url: http://www.investortools.co.za/email/unsubscribe/59b8ca6630448
    When clicked it goes to a page that says Record not found.

  8. where I can find my link?
    There is not the link, it is generated dynamically (not sure if it is created per contact, campaign or email - but that should not be of any relevance).

    Normally you would place the {unsubscribe_url} in an email you create. When you send out the email, the placeholder will be replaced with the actual unsibscribe URL.

    @francois, where did you get the posted link from? Or - to stay on a meta level - what do you want to accomplish? Feel free to PM me. I can give you my email address and we can test out if it works.

  9. @Peter, thanks will do.

    I got that from the test mailer I sent, assuming I'd have to link that into the Unsubscribe word, but I was just playing around. What confuses me is that it doesn't work, even the raw link routes me to a page that says Record not found.

  10. 7 weeks ago
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