Using Decisions in Campaigns

  1. 2 months ago
    Edited 2 months ago by girishs21

    I am a little confused about how I should be using Decisions in my campaigns:

    For example: After executing an action of Sending an Email, I would like to give 5 Points to someone who Opens the Emails, 10 to someone who visits a particular page and 15 to someone to downloads the asset. Should this be done sequentially, or can each of these 3 decisions be added to Send an Email


    Is this the right way to use decisions or should it be sequential where I check if the person 'visited a certain page' after adding 5 Points to someone who opens the email.

  2. I would add them directly to the Send email action. Because if you make it in a sequence, it could happen that point get missing (e.g. someone "does not open the email" because the images are not downloaded but visits a page).


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