Temporary Solution for "Please Wait" Problem on Forms

  1. 2 months ago

    I got please wait problem since 2.9.0 but I found out the temporary solution for making form works.

    Just simply create a blank landing page then manually insert form code --> save. Use the landing page url then the form is working again.

  2. That is not a temporary solution that is telling you something that you forms are not working outsite your mautic system maybe you dont enable the CORS in your Mautic.

  3. @phuquy1311 my problem was born actually doing a form and embedding it with the token ({form=3} inside the landing page, but it's not working.

  4. @giovanni is like this {form=3}

  5. Yes sure without the ( ) I have the please wait.

  6. Edited 2 months ago by RandomUser

    This doesn't work inside the landing pages too. And CORS has been disabled, still nothing on my side too.
    Cannot tell if it comes from the last mautic version since I didn't try before.

  7. This is a bit technical and here is the solution that helped me solve this issue.

    search for the discussion/post called ...

    "form is hang on submit button after hit submit "

  8. 8 weeks ago

    Ok thanks. In version 2.8 it works.

  9. Thank you raymondkent!


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