Mautic outlook add in not pushing to mautic

  1. 3 months ago

    I have mautic 2.9.2. I have outlook 2016. I have installed the outlook add in, and configured it to push to my mautic installation. I have run a number of test emails, and clicking on the "mautic button" on the header of the email. I do not see contact history being captured for the email recipient, within mautic contact's history. What to do to get his working? how to test it to confirm it is correct?

    Also, I do not see a "new contact" being created in mautic via this add in. meaning when email to a new contact, select the mautic add in, the contact is not being added as a contact in mautic.

  2. 2 months ago

    For me while sending email to non-existing contacts of mautic , a new contact has been created.

    But while sending email to existing user, the email history is not logging in that contact's profile.

    Please anyone help me to sort out this.

  3. The drop down menu in the top right corner of the contact detail page also lets you send an email directly to the contact.

    You can fill in From Name, From (email address), Subj ect and the Body message. You can also Import from an existing

    template. If you select some email from this select box, the Subject and the Body textarea will be prefilled from that pre-

    defined email template. Emails sent by this method are not tracked by Mautic.


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