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    Could you please tell me where can I find the proper and oficial configuration lines to be included at virtualhost setup to use mautic on NGINX ?


  2. escopecz

    Aug 9 Administrator Answer

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    Hi! @escopecz and anyone who can help,
    Thanks for your answer.

    But It is not what I am looking for. Probably becouse I did not Was explained It.
    I AM seting up a New webserver running Nginx instead of apache.

    I would like to stop using apache and replace It definetelly with nginx.

    So I AM strugling myself in seting up virtualhost in Nginx.
    I tryied with the standart virtualhost setup but It did not work.
    Things like mod_rewrite and .htaccess file are not working. And problaly other things are not working as well...

    Could you please Tell us what are the Nginx official virtualhost lines of codes in order to have mautic proper working with Nginx?


  4. escopecz

    Aug 15 Administrator

    I don't thing there is such thing as official Nginx config. You'll have to google for it as the community published some samples over the years.

  5. Nginx does NOT use .htaccess files stored in directories.
    mod_rewrite is an Apache module, Nginx does NOT support apache modules directly.

    Alcides, please reconsider moving to Nginx, Apache is as good if not better and you already know your way around it.
    May I ask why do you want to make this move? maybe I can help you improve your apache setup...

  6. 2 months ago

    @Yosu Cadilla
    Thanks for your answer.
    I know that. This is why I AM looking for help regarding the Propper way to setup nginx virtual host.
    Could you please help me with nginx?

  7. People have asked this question so many times. Why isn't any staff helping people? You state that nginx is a supported web server but there are no clear instructions on how to set it up. I'm a bit disappointed regarding this matter.

    For example I migrated my Mautic installation from a server to another and now the site is not working anymore. I keep getting an infinite redirect loop. I am not sure if my nginx config is ok or not because you don't provide a *working* nginx config sample.

  8. @escopecz
    Can you help in address this?
    I believe it is a very simple thing for you guys.

  9. Edited 2 months ago by fususu

    Each time I setup a new VPS, I use this script, it's well written and auto install all things you need to install any software like wordpress, mautic easily. Nginx is also already config well --->

    curl -sO && bash install 

    It's in Vietamese, but very easy to use, everything is automatic.


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