2-person approval / 4-eye check

  1. 5 months ago

    Hi all,
    one feature of the Mautic that I am failing to find is the 4-eye check approval workflow.

    In a commercial product that we use it is enforced, permitting us to require at least 2 people involved with the actual sending of a newsletter.

    In short, Person1 will be allowed to compose the mailing, Person2 will check the mailing and eventually approve the sending, then Person1 will be allowed to perform the actual sending.
    This is a clear way to respect the so-called 4-eye principle, in which every critical task (in this case, any customer-facing activity) needs to be performed by at least 2 people.
    In addition to that, one useful thing is that in a business hierarchy, the operator will be allowed to send only what his/her manager allowed him/her to send..
    In regulated environments this is really useful for compliance

    If this feature is already available and I am just missing something, just let me know.


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