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  1. 9 months ago

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post here.

    Here's an idea: What if we had a website with 100 registered users. I would like to sync those users, without having them trigger something or submit a form (because who wouldn't submit a "hey can I track you in more detail?" form), to contacts in Mautic. Then for each of those contacts, install a tracking cookie so that I can track them on my website and start assigning them points based on what pages they visit as well (not just form submissions).

    Right now there is one plugin I've seen that comes close to that, but requires some sort of trigger (which can either be new user created or comment made).

    I bet this feature would be useful to any kind of CMS out there, not just Wordpress.

    Thank you,


  2. Ok, so several hours of tinkering later, I found out that I can pass the user's email via a variable through the tracking script.
    I have the following on my site:

        mt('send', 'pageview', {email: '<?php echo $userEmail;?>'});

    It shows up ok in the source code, but I cannot tell if it's working or not. Is there a way to test this tracking at all?
    I added the user data of one of my test users in Contacts within Mautic.

    Then I browsed my site as that user in another browser (not window). I checked the user page, and didn't find any pageviews for that contact ...

    Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Edited 9 months ago by JConnell

    The way I would approach this is to export the Wordpress user data to .csv, then import it to Mautic . This gives you the opportunity to sanitize the data if necessary and allows for precise control over how it is mapped to Mautic fields.

    Next I would install the Mautic tracking code or pixel on the WP site which it seems like you already have. All new visitors will automatically be created as anonymous contacts in Mautic at that point, you just have to type "is:anonymous" in the filter on the contacts page or click the lock icon on the right side to view them. The WP Mautic plugin is great because it automatically embeds the tracking code and provides shortcodes for embedding Mautic forms, dynamic content, and gated videos.

    Finally, I would install Automate Mautic (or the manual equivalent with API calls) to sync any new WP contacts that come in.

  4. Hi,
    @JConnell I have installed Automate Mautic and it works !!

  5. 2 months ago

    @ServicesMary hi, does that Automate Mautic plugin still work? I've just install it, and when creating the trigger, it won't save :(


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