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    This channel is for organizers, planners, and event coordinators looking to form a MauticMeetup™
    Connect with Mautic users and discuss, collaborate and exchange tips, information and best practices. Mautic is a community and our goal is to see that community thrive!

    To plan a Mautic Meetup of your own we need a few details from you.

    Create a new topic / thread in the Meetups channel and include the information below:

    • City*
    • Country*
    • Organizer Name(s)*
    • Organizer email(s)*
    • Proposed First Meetup Time*

    After you have submitted your meetup request we will send you an email with the specifics and resources you need to host a successful event.

    Bring Mautic users together and let's grow as one.

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    Hi any potential organizer from Barcelona, Spain?

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    Hello, Any events near Philadelphia USA?

  5. I signed up for the local one in Boston, MA early last year and it has around 200 plus members and nobody is active on it at all, no postings on or anything since August, 2016. A few days ago i ended up creating a skype bot chat room for Mautic 3rd party people for brain-storming as well doing remote work together having online meetings as a collective. If you want to start by doing so online and maybe from their more people will see the activity and start trying to form groups in the areas you live in.

    This link below is showing all the Mautic Meetups worldwide that are listed on

  6. Hey @vcdesigns, I joined the Boston meetup back in the fall, and I'm a bit surprised there hasn't been another meetup planned since the initial one. Especially since part of the Mautic team works in the area! I've never really used Meetup, though – maybe we can initiate something?

  7. i'm trying connect to the skype chat room i have setup. I posted this information on the Meetup Group for Mautic Boston area as well trying to get something going.

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