Restart Campaign or Recurring/cyclic message (in a campaign)

  1. 9 months ago

    Hey, I'm new to Mautic, I'm trying to find ways to solve tasks I wish to implement in Mautic.

    Firstly, welcome or confirmation email
    I want to send an e-mail (welcome or confirmation email) to the user every time he modifies his profile. How can I do that?
    I managed to setup a "Welcome message" campaign. The campaign is based on a segment. If I put a new user into the segment manually the campaign starts the user receives the e-mail. Fine. The campaign removes the user from the campaign and from the segment in the end.
    But when I put the user back into the segment (or the campaign), the campaign seems to turn on on the user, but nothing happens.
    It seems as if Mautic remembers the user's status in that campaign even though I removed the user from the campaign.

    The other use case I would like to accomplish is to send an order confirmation and a satisfaction survey letter after each order in a webshop.
    So when the user submits his order I would like to send him a confirmation e-mail and a satisfaction survey letter 1 week after his order to find out if he is satisfied with his product. How can I do that?

    Right now it seems that such campaign would run only once on the user. How can I start such campaign on the user after every order?



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