1. 9 months ago

    I'm truly interested in learning more about mautic as I'm not familiar with all its features, however three days and still no answers, what someone has to do here to get some attention or reply?

    Community is usually the most important part especially when it comes to open source software so far I feel like quite disappointed to that extent.

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    This community need more active developer like guys... atleast until system is stable... as majority of issues are technical ones

    Wish I had that skill or atleast point people in right direction...

    Would really like to know if i can contribute in any way... would like to pay if needed to set up a pool and hire dedicated support guys...

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    @Hasaan thank you!! so glad to see someone's response at last, basically I was wondering about the grav mautic plug in, as I couldnt find so much documentation, if I install mautic on my own server, can I get access from grav admin panel to full features of mautic automation? or do I have to log in mautic to be able to take advantage of all the automation features?

    How is the email marketing feature in mautic? I've been reading not too nice opinion on this forum.

    Btw same here I'd be glad to contribute

  4. @diverso
    No problem

    Not sure of grav plugin I am new to mautic myself. Been using it for a week. Still in testing before I start using it as part of production website.

    What I understood so far about Mautic is that... documentation is a little too technical for a non-IT guy to get around completely as majority of us never had the experience to play with server side of websites. Even with all the controls in your hand... it isn't easy.

    This makes the problem two fold when inexperienced user ends up with a bug! So bug+inexperience = one crying community :D And I haven't even mentioned hosting services not being cooperative to run mautic the right way...

    Mautic either needs more hands or more time to get mature... just like all other open source projects. This community however is dry of active developers or atleast those guys who can understand the problem users reporting here. Like I have no idea what to do if error pops up in logs unless its too obvious.

    For me atleast its been 7 days and just when I say that yes now I'm ready! I hit a road block... like just last night... I had the system running... everything working smoothly atleast to the point I knew... and on update I have lost access to my contacts list... seems some kind of a bug... so I will have to wait for developers to come up with the solution may be...

    If one can wait... and is not bothered by workarounds... and living with the issues it has... especially if you have no money to spend for other automation services... otherwise... disappointment awaits :)

  5. @diverso the Gravity plugin is not created by Mautic Team is by a third party that is why there are not docs

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