Mautic Helper in Chrome

  1. 9 months ago


    How can I connect the Mautic Helper in Chrome extension to Mautic? Where do I find the secret Mautic key??

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  3. Thanks for quick reply! It helped a lot and now it works!

    How can I use the "Filter" option? When I try with commands like %info% it shows me related records and some which have not directly the "info" in the short description in the helper.

    When I try with Filter commands like is:mine a lot of records is shown, but these aren´t mine..

    Is the limit of 25 shown records the max?

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Contact the plugin author .

  5. Thanks again! I could reach him and he replied immediately!

    "There is still no manual for the plugin. And 25 records is the maximum right now. I have plans on working on an upgrade to add more features and fix some bugs, but I don't have a date for the release yet."

  6. Heck, I need to contact him myself and see if he can make a plugin for Thunderbird..

  7. Yeah! :-)


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